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Mathematical learning is developed within children’s holistic learning and development in the early years.  All East Midlands West Maths Hub support is fully aligned with the EYFS curriculum.



Statutory and non-statutory EYFS curriculum guidance can be found here and here.

All early years settings design their mathematics curriculum differently.  Maths is commonly planned for within a holistic and play-based curriculum.  Our advice to schools is to design curriculum overviews and planning formats based upon what works best for your children and setting.  We suggest that these are informed by knowledge of the developmental progressions that children typically experience at this age, for example learning trajectories, spirals in EEF EY/KS1 guidance and NCETM progressions.  If choosing to draw upon published schemes and resources (free or bought), we suggest that you determine your criteria for best practice in early years mathematics then review the materials against this criteria.  This helps to decide which elements to use and what additional resources or practices might be needed.  Careful attention needs to be given to rich mathematical learning within continuous provision and using physical manipulatives. Some settings have found this document useful in considering big ideas or key concepts in early years mathematics to ensure that children in their settings are offered opportunities to develop these key concepts.



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