Transition & KS3

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Building continuity from year 5 through to year 8. How can we support students and build on best practice from primary schools. How can we support students in year 7 who are working below expected levels?

Opportunities to develop the teaching of maths in key stage 3, looking to build on changes at primary schools and to best prepare students for the demands of the GCSE.

As a Hub we are involved in the national project looking to build continuity between years 5 to 8. Our work group will consider how to develop curricula and pedagogy across feeder and secondary schools to improve the experience of students in mathematics and promote progress for all. Our Solving the Problem of Problem Solving course is looking to develop pedagogy and student skills from the start of year 7, considering the requirements of the new GCSE from the start of secondary school, rather than waiting until year 10 and 11.



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