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One of the biggest differences in the teaching for mastery approach is the idea of coherence. Coherence refers to both the route through a unit of learning and across a curriculum, but also the journey through an individual lesson. It is a comprehensive, detailed conceptual journey through the mathematics, with a focus on relationships and making connections.

The role of the teacher is to provide a clear and coherent path through the mathematics, providing detail, to focus the attention of the learners; providing a scaffold, to enable all learners to achieve; and providing the small steps, which are easier to make.

One of the most important tasks of the teacher is to help his students…

If he is left alone with his problem without any help or insufficient help, he may make no progress at all…

If the teacher helps too much, nothing is left to the student

– Polya 1957

In this section of the website you’ll find links to some fantastic free curriculum and planning resources, created by our friends at the White Rose and Surrey Plus Maths Hubs and the NCETM, alongside information about our own lesson design workgroup.



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