Secondary Teaching for Mastery Specialists Programme

This Work Group is aimed at individuals who wish to become Secondary Mastery Specialists.  During the first year, the emphasis will be on the lead teacher developing her/his knowledge, understanding and skills of teaching for mastery.  During the second year, the participants will continue to develop their own classroom practices but with a significant emphasis on developing the knowledge, skills and understanding of all members of the department and to explore, develop and implement department-wide approaches, structures and systems which support teaching for mastery.  In the final year, the Mastery Specialists will lead a Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Group.


The benefits for schools that apply to be part of the programme include:

  • The teachers in the department (including the lead teacher) developing a deep understanding of the principles and pedagogies underpinning teaching for mastery and acquire enhanced mathematics subject knowledge with a particular emphasis on progression within key areas of mathematics
  • The teachers developing teaching, planning and assessment practices which support a teaching for mastery approach
  • The lead teacher developing his/her own understanding and practice in supporting collaborative professional development within and beyond school. (Participants who are not already NCETM Accredited PD Leads will also be able to gain this accreditation through successful completion of the programme.)
  • The department developing a clear set of principles, policies, practices and systems (including curriculum and staffing / timetable developments) which support a mastery curriculum and a teaching for mastery approach
  • The department making effective use of materials and resources, including textbooks, to support the design of well-crafted lessons to support teaching for mastery
  • Students developing a deep understanding of the mathematical ideas they are taught so that they fully meet the aims of the National Curriculum (i.e. fluency, reasoning and problem solving), show a positive attitude towards mathematics, enjoy learning the subject and demonstrate a growth mindset.


For teachers being nominated by a school for the programme, the criteria outlined in the table below should be addressed in the application form, in the lead teacher’s statement and in the headteacher/senior leader’s statement.




Qualified Teacher Status


Additional Status; e/g/ Lead Practitioner; Mathematics SLE; NCETM

Accredited PD Lead

Employed as a teacher in a state-funded middle/secondary school

Mathematics Subject Leader

Good teaching skills in mathematics as evidenced by internal/external/Ofsted


A minimum of 2 years’ experience teaching mathematics


Passion and enthusiasm for teaching for mastery

Ability to work collaboratively with others

Successful track record of working effectively with other professionals within

own school

Successful track record of working effectively with other professionals

across a group of schools

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

The ability to grow leadership capacity in others

An understanding of what constitutes effective learning in mathematics, and

the ability and confidence to communicate this

Already engaged with Maths Hub work on teaching for mastery

and/or the China-England exchange

what are the expectations of participating schools?

Schools that are selected to have their nominated teacher participate in the programme would commit to the following expectations:

  • The lead teacher will participate fully in the development programme and work on developing both understanding and practice
  • Working with the support of the subject leader, the lead teacher will support the department in developing its approach to teaching for mastery
  • Working with the Maths Hub, the lead teacher will help with the wider work of the hub, particularly in Year 3
  • The school’s senior leadership will support the department in its teaching for mastery development work, including ensuring the lead teacher receives the required release time, and will also attend a half day launch at the start of the programme.

what is the funding for the programme?

In 2020/21, the Maths Hub will cover the cost of the 15 days’ release time for the lead teacher (£3000) and will fund the cost of the teacher enrolling and participating in the NCETM Accredited Secondary PD Leads programme. Travel costs to all the training residentials will also be covered. In 2021/22, the Maths Hub will cover the cost of 15 days’ release time at £350 per day (£5250) to support two other departments. In addition, £2000 will be paid to each department working with the specialist to support their developments.

COVID-19 Recovery

The ongoing impact of the corona virus outbreak and knock on effects on schools life remain uncertain. So, all Maths Hubs work will adapt to changing realities. There’s likely to be more live online collaboration, for example. In addition Work Groups content will address both schools recovery from corona virus related disruption and the central maths subject matter of each project.


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