Primary Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics Primary Work Group 2020-2021

The purpose of the programmes in this project is to support primary teachers in developing specialist knowledge for teaching mathematics, thus enabling them to understand, teach and support pupils in the maths classroom. This is a continuation of NCP 19-24 where core materials were shared, trialled and evaluated.

The programme is based on four core primary modules:

WHo is this for?

These programmes are designed for teachers who would like to further develop their specialist knowledge for teaching maths. They will be particularly relevant for NQTs/RQTs, teachers that have moved phases or teachers that have not received maths-specific training.


The programme will run over five sessions and will look at the progression of number from FS through to Year 6 so that all participants gain an understanding of the design, structure and sequence of an effective maths curriculum, regardless of the year group they are currently based in. Between each full-day session, there will be a gap task set that will encourage participants to evaluate their choices about content and sequencing to support effective learning in their own classroom.


  • Teachers will enhance their maths subject knowledge with an emphasis on the key structures in each mathematical area covered e.g.
  • Understand the key elements that form number sense, including precise language, structures and representations
  • Understand the forms of addition and subtraction, including precise language, structures and representations


To be held at Portland Conference Centre, Birchover Road, Bilborough, NG8 4BW

  1. Tuesday 5th January 2021
  2. Monday 1st February 2021
  3. Thursday 11th March 2021
  4. Wednesday 21st April 2021
  5. Tuesday 29th June 2021


The Work Group is offered free to all state-funded secondary schools in England.

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The ongoing impact of the coronavirus outbreak and knock on effects on schools life remain uncertain. So, all Maths Hubs work will adapt to changing realities. There’s likely to be more live online collaboration, for example. In addition Work Groups content will address both schools recovery from coronavirus related disruption and the central maths subject matter of each project.