Teacher Subject Specialist Training

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Training to improve the subject knowledge of non-specialists who are being asked to teach maths and those who may be returning to the profession.

The purpose of teacher subject specialism training is to improve the subject knowledge of non-specialist teachers and returning teachers, and increase the number of hours taught.

Teacher subject specialism training in mathematics and physics was launched in 2015 to 2016 and aims to build the capacity of non-specialists who may be able to move into a mathematics or physics role. In addition, it aims to upskill non-specialists who are currently teaching mathematics or physics and those looking to return to the profession.

Working with Nottingham Trent University and the Institute of Physics, we have designed a course that will develop teachers’ subject and pedagogical knowledge to enable them to teach 11-16 maths or physics with confidence, and numeracy skills at FE.

This programme is particularly suited to specifically meet the needs of:

  • Schools who are over-staffed in some areas and wish to redeploy good teachers to teach mathematics or physics
  • Primary trained teachers now working in secondary teaching nurture groups
  • FE tutors teaching level 1 & 2 mathematics or numeracy
  • Teachers currently teaching out of specialism
  • Scientists who are currently teaching but are not trained to physicists
  • Teachers returning after a break from teaching
  • Teachers wanting to increase their job prospects through being able to offer a second subject specialism
  • TAs wishing to specialise in physics or mathematics*

The training is free of charge for eligible participants. *Some groups may be asked to pay for the course.



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