Teaching for Mastery for Multi-School Leaders of Mathematics Innovation Work Group

This Work Group will give you a deeper insight into Teaching for Mastery, the Maths Hub Teaching for Mastery (TfM) programmes and develop your strategic thinking for the future of Teaching for Mastery across your schools.


For Academy Trust Maths Directors (or similar) with multi-school responsibilities (both Primary and Secondary).

what is involved?

The first face to face sessions will ensure you gain a deep(er) understanding of the 5 Big Ideas which are the cornerstones of Teaching for Mastery, and provide you with a detailed insight of the Teaching for Mastery programmes available locally and their intended purpose. This first session may particularly extend your awareness about Teaching for Mastery development in the phase (secondary or primary) in which you do not normally operate.  The second session would explore effective Teaching for Mastery to specifically support SEND students and current strategies for disadvantaged students.  The final two sessions will lead to developing inclusive and effective strategic plans for Teaching for Mastery across your groups of schools.  These plans will be developed by being vision led and with a consultative approach to identifying key priorities and key milestones.

Gap tasks will include the participants applying Teaching for Mastery techniques in their own teaching, perhaps in a phase outside of their normal experience, a small research task relating to SEND and/or disadvantaged student maths provision in your schools and testing your draft vision, key priorities and key milestones with the maths leaders at each of your schools.


Four day-long face-to-face workshop sessions will be held from 10.00 – 16.00:

  • Workshop 1: Monday 2 December 2019
  • Workshop 2: Tuesday 21 January 2020
  • Workshop 3: Tuesday 10 March 2020
  • Workshop 4: Tuesday 12 May 2020


Portland Conference Centre, Birchover Road, Bilborough, NG8 4BW

Expectations of participants and their schools

  • Trusts will need to commit to the release of the same nominated leader(s) for all face-to-face workshops and to support them in the gap tasks.
  • Meeting time should be provided for the nominated leader(s) to share with their wider team the new, useful learning and ideas arising from attending the Work Group
  • The Trust will also support the participating leaders to summarise the impact of their Work Group participation as part of the professional development and Work Group evaluation.


The Work Group is offered free to all state-funded secondary schools in England.